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Davao Medical School Foundation

Today we will discuss about “Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF)”. All of you are advised to check latest NMC Draft(2021) before taking admission in any of the abroad medical college.

Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF)

If we talked about Davao Medical School Foundation ,it was started  in the year 1976 . So this college is into medical education from the past 44 years.Good thing is that DMSF medical college is located in a location with a population of 1.8 million.

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As far as its ranking is concerned this well known University is among  top 5 good medical schools in the Philippines.

And the best part is that hundred of students from various part of the world come here to pursue their medical course.All the students who undergo medical course here are allowed to do internship in Govt. and private hospitals.

Davao Medical School Foundation have a very good  track record of highest passing percentage in MCI Screen Test (FMGE) every year.

The college of Medicine of Davao Medical School Foundation, was established in July 1976 in response to the need for doctors in the rural as well as urban communities of Mindanao. So this college was the first medical College of Medicine in this area.

In addition to Doctor of Medicine(equivalent to MBBS in  India) this  College offers College of Dentistry, the College of Nursing, the Institute of Primary Health Care, the DMSF Hospital and the Institute of Primary Health Care, the DMSF Hospital and the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research.

Although the College of Medicine is located on a just 6.18 acre (2.5 hectare) land but this is very near the commercial hub of Davao City. The Unique geographic location of the city within the Brunei Indonesia Malaysia Philippines – East Asia Growth Area (BIP – EAGA),  by its modern infrastructure, stable peace and order and socio-economic prosperity has made DMSFI an attract thousands of the foreign students.

What are the advantages of studying of Doctor of Medicine(equivalent to MBBS) in Philippines ?

  • As it is English Speaking Country so there is no need to learn new language
  • Medium of Instruction English not bi-lingual
  • Asian country with close proximity to India
  • Easy accessibility with several daily flights
  • As Tropical climatic is very much similar to Bharat ,so disease pattern is also same
  • Syllabus and curriculum same as European countries so helps in clearing USMLE
  • Cost of education is nominal
  • Good hands on practice in private as well as Govt Hospitals
  • As batch size is less in Laboratory so good opportunity to learn.
  • This medical college is associated with more than 4 big hospitals in Davao for hands on practice
  • Excellent Student teachers ratio

Question : What makes DMSF right choice to do Doctor of Medicine (MBBS) ?

Ans: As this is College is MCI ,WHO listed and registered with the state medical councils in the USA  as well as in  Canada.In addition to this it is ECFMG Recognized.

Best part is that , this university use latest techniques in teaching and hospitals.If we talked about3-D imagery dissection unit Simulation mannequins,this is first of its kind in the Philippines.

In addition to this its digital library is excellent is open 24*7 for students with an in-house coffee shop, group discussion rooms, individual carrels and Wi-Fi internet connectivity.If we talked about students from country there are thousands of Indian who have completed their course and currently doing.

Good thing is that in FMGE result toppers are from this university many times.

Is Doctor of medicine is equivalent to MBBS ?

Yes ,Doctor of Medicine in Philippines is equivalent to MBBS in India. As MBBS and MD are both primary medical qualifications. The degrees are equal (See ECFMG list of degrees recognized from different countries).Only difference is that MBBS is British System of Education whereas MD is American System of Education.

Whats is the total duration of course?

To get admission in doctor of Medicine course in Philippines ,first of all candidates are supposed to do BS program (the duration of this course is about 1.5 years) then he/she have to appeared in NMAT exam and after qualifying this exam he/she eligible to get admission in MD course(duration is 4 years). After that one year internship, can be done from India.

Note: In year 2020 student can do BS course in India. This is available in two major city of India.(Please verify the same from official website).

What is fee structure of  Doctor of medicine (equivalent to MBBS) in Philippines  ?

What is the Eligibility criteria to get admission in MBBS(or MD) in Philippines ?

10+2 with minimum 50% in, Physics, Chemistry & Biology subjects and pass in English for General category, reserved category,  40% in Physics, Chemistry & Biology is sufficient.

As far as eligibility criteria is concerned , it is exactly same as in India but first of you will be registered in BS course ,meanwhile you can clear your NEET UG exam .But make sure that you are supposed to clear NMAT exam with at least 40 %.

Is it very difficult to get eligibility certificate from MCI ?

Eligibility certificate from MCI  can be received very easily. Click here to visit official website of MCI.

Is it possible to do internship from India after doing MD from Philippines ?

Yes, it is possible after passing FMGE/Next and registration with MCI or state medical council.

Is it possible to do practice in India after doing medical education (MD/MBBS) from Philippines?

Yes,any foreign medical graduate can do practice in India after passing FMGE (which will be replaced by NExT) .To do twelve months Internship, foreign graduate  is eligible to register with MCI and State Medical Council and can practice in India.

As of now there is no limit on number of attempt for the FMGE Test. However, generally students who graduate the MD degree from Philippines are expected to clear FMGE exam in the first or second attempt. And good thing is that clearing FMGE  examination rate /ratio of Philippines  is little bit higher in comparison to the graduates of other countries .

Upon registration with MCI or State Councils, the candidate is eligible for Government job .

What is the fee and compete procedure of FMGE ?

The nominal exam fees is to Rs 5500/- is to be borne by the here to see the complete details.

What happens if the students fails to clear FMGE screening test ?

As far as FMGE is concerned ,a foreign medical graduate can appear any number of times for the screening test. However, generally students who have complete their MBBS or MD degree from a reputed college sincerely n is expected to clear this exam in the first attempt.

Can anyone do job in Govt. hospitals after MD from Philippines ?

Yes, upon registration with MCI/ State Councils, the candidate is eligible for any Government job.

Is it possible to take USMLE exam after MD from Philippines ?

Yes, all foreign Graduates are eligible for appearing in USMLE.And even chances are comparatively good in comparison of other country.

What is the medium of Instruction in Philippines ?

The medium of instruction is English.As medium of instruction is fully in English(complete course) so there is no need for Indian students to learn a new language in Philippines. But if we talked about some other country like in China,there you have to learn Chinese and clear the language examination.

• Affordable cost of education

As far medical course fee is concerned in Philippines, it is very nominal in comparison to some other country. And if we talked about quality of education , it is very good and this is the reason it’s students clears FMGE examination very easily.

On more important point is that , you can do your half BS course in India it self or you can do MD(MBBS) after completing B.Sc from India.

• Excellent hands on practice

Although in some countries like China , Indian students are not allowed to do hands on practice (kindly confirm the same before taking admission ) but Philippines Medical colleges offers an excellent hand on training for the all foreign nation students.

In Philippines ,From Second year onward medical  students are supposed to assist the Doctors at the hospitals in various department. This rigorous training and mandatory clinical rotations in private and Govt. hospitals of Philippines give the students immense experience to excel in their field.

• Ideal teachers to student and doctor to patient ratio

If we talked about teachers to students ratio and even doctor to patient ratio , it is very good in Philippines. Most of the good Medical Universities in the Philippines are associated with number hospitals with thousands of active patient beds in the region so that the medical graduate can gain adequate practical knowledge during their course.

But in some other countries students may face problem of  hands on practice due to low population/patient.

Question: What is official website of Davao Medical School Foundation ?

Ans:Click here to visit official website.

• Weather condition and  disease pattern almost same as of Bharat

As far as weather condition is condition, it is almost same as of our country (India).This country is not too cold like Russia and Ukraine .So Indian students will feel same warm and country like atmosphere in the Philippines as the island nation is located in the same tropical zone as India. As the climatic conditions are same so the disease pattern is also similar to the Indian Subcontinent. Hence the medical graduates who completes their MD course in Philippines are very much familiar with Indian disease.

• Philippines follows the American system of education

This country follows the American system of education which is considered one of the best all over the world. The students must complete a 1.5 year Pre Med Bachelor of Science (BS) preparatory course before joining the Doctor of Medicine (MD) course after their 10th class. However for Indian students there is a provision to complete the BS degree in 1 years and 4 months.

• Easy to travel

As Philippines is well connected with a high volume of National and International flights, so there is no problem to travel this country.

• Safety and security

As far as safety and security is considered , Philippines  is considered as safest countries for all foreign Nationals.In addition to this people of Philippines are very friendly and helpful in nature.

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