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9 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid While NEET Preparation

9 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid While NEET Preparation: Most people don’t realize their mistakes until it’s too late and then they can’t do anything about it, just regret their mistakes. This mistakes also happen when students prepare for NEET.

But don’t avoid some biggest mistakes that cost their rankings. Then they think about it if they didn’t do those mistakes their rankings would be something else.

So, what are those mistakes?

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Well, mistakes or failures can’t be realized until you do it. But if any human going to do all the mistakes himself and want to learn from it then his whole life will pass just from doing mistakes. That’s why you need to learn from other mistakes and failures.

Enough talking, I know you are eager to know those mistakes so, you can avoid them in your NEET preparation.

Here they are,

9 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid While NEET Preparation

1. Avoiding NCERT Books

Most of the students make their biggest mistake while NEET preparation is that they avoid NCERT books and totally dependent on other writer’s book.

Don’t take me wrong, you should also read them but finishing NCERT and revising from these books must be your first priority.

You must understand NCERT books importance and even NEET recommend these books.

2. Just focusing on only one subject

Sometimes students think that if they focus on only one subject in which they strengthen can bring higher rankings. But guess what, this is their biggest mistake. It’s because of another subject is hard or they weak in that.

Running from your weakness is not a solution, you have conquered it. This also applies for NEET preparation. You also have to focus on other subjects. Just preparing for Bio or chemistry will not get you higher rankings.

Below is question allotment according to their respective subjects,

Subjects Questions
Physics 45
Chemistry 45
Botany 45
Zoology 45
Total 180

After reading the allotment, now you can understand that how much it will cost you in rankings just focusing on only one subject.

3. Studying unnecessary stuff

While preparing for NEET, students start to read from many books (sometimes much higher level) thinking that will help them but it’s another mistake that they must avoid.

Reading unnecessary stuff just not makes your study hard but also create confusion and distract you from the stuff that you actually learn.

Sometimes reading unnecessary stuff only lead you to depression. So, make sure you do this mistake.

4. Not choosing the right study materials

This is another mistake that most students make. They choose the wrong books and ends up with lower rankings or unsatisfied results.

But if, you study according to the syllabus and choose the right books for learning but dedication also required.

Students must choose NCERT books first then after finishing that they should study from best NEET preparation books.

If you want to know about which are the best books for NEET, then don’t forget to check out below post.

Here are the some best book for NEET Preparation

5. Not analysing previous year’s question papers

Take a weekly test where you can attempt to solve the last year’s question paper like an actual NEET exam with 3 hour time duration. This will remove your anxiety and nervousness and makes you better to complete the exam under time duration.

By practising regularly, you will find hard topics that need more improve, weakness in difficult questions and analysis of mistakes that you made.

This step is just strong enough you to get higher rankings in NEET.

6. Avoiding test papers

e personally recommend you to avoid this mistake. Solving test papers is good to practise.

Practising makes you better. The more you practice a thing the better you got in that thing. Of course, you heard this earlier isn’t you.

So, don’t take this step lightly.

Practice regularly, solve test papers and revision papers. This will not just get you familiar with the question’s patterns but also increase your speed to solving them.

7. Doing other activities/Lack of focus

Make sure, you don’t do this mistake. Lack of focus or being busy in other activities is enough for you to get failure in NEET.

Stop all time-wasting activities which interrupting you from preparation, Prioritize and limit your time on focusing on studying.

Don’t take this wrong there is no problem in enjoying, in fact, this will refresh your mind but you must have to prioritize your focus on NEET preparation over enjoying.

Think like this, when you will be enjoying with your friends, watching movies or playing another NEET student is using the time for getting higher rankings.

8. Hesitating in sharing problems

NEET is a tough exam and while you are preparing for NEET, you will face many problems which will be related to subjects as well as psychological.

So, don’t make this mistake like most students do, never hesitate to ask teachers, parents or fellow students for help. This will lighten your pressure.

9. Negative thinking

Never talk to yourself negatively, even it is hard but always be positive. Don’t fear negative thinking it’s just thoughts that you made in your mind.

What if I don’t *** marks, it’s too difficult for me, it’s impossible for me to crack NEET, I am not like that one. These are negative thoughts that you made yourself.

While negative thinking makes you depress, positive thinking makes you feel good and you can do anything with positive thinking.

Don’t take too much pressure.

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