MOP UP Stray vacancy round MBBS Admission 2021

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MOP UP Stray vacancy round MBBS Admission 2021

Last chance to get Admission in MBBS in India through MOP UP Stray vacancy round MBBS Admission 2021 for session 2021-22.

MOP UP Stray vacancy round MBBS Admission 2021

To understand this you must understand the procedure for admission in MBBS BDS  in India.

There are two  counselling:

1.National Level

2.State Level

The national level counselling  is for 15 % quota of all Govt. colleges of India/Central Universities /Deemed Universities.

NEET UG (15 % All India Quota)/Deemed/Central {University of Delhi (MAMC, UCMS, LHMC), AMU, BHU} Universities/ ESIC/ AFMS Medical/Dental Seats Online Counseling.

Where as state level counselling is conducted by respective states for 85% quota of Govt. colleges of  that state and for 100 % seats of all private colleges.

Types of counselling:

1st Counselling

2nd counselling

Mop Up round Counselling

Stray vacancy round /College level counselling

Process of online allotment:
a. Main Counseling Registration including payment
b. Exercising of Choices and Locking of choices
c. Process of Seat Allotment – 1st Round
d. Round 1 Result Publication
e. Reporting at the allotted Medical/Dental College against 1st Round (free entry/exit option available).
f. Publication of net vacant seats
g. Registration & Fresh Choice submission by eligible candidates for 2nd Round (not required by
already registered candidates).
h. Process of Seat Allotment – 2nd Round (exit with forfeiture of security amount option
i. Round 2 Result Publication
j. Reporting at the Medical / Dental Colleges /Institutions against 2nd Round

(candidates once joined the allotted seat against 2nd Round are not allowed to vacate the seat).
END of 15 % All India Counselling and reverting of Non Joined, Not allotted seats to State
quota / Institutional Quota of Central University /Central Institute.

Mop Up Round for Deemed/ Central Universities/Central Institute.

a. Fresh Registration for Mop up Round (not required for earlier resigned candidates)
b. Choice Filling/ Choice Locking
c. Process of Seat Allotment for Mop Up Round.
d. Result Publication for Mop Up Round
e. Reporting at the Allotted Medical/ Dental College after Mop Up Round
f. List of ten times (of the registered candidates) of number of Stray vacancies to be sent to
Deemed / Central Universities to be exhausted strictly in order of merit.
g. Final Stray Vacancy Round to be conducted by Deemed/ Central Universities

Note:(There will be no Fresh Registration of Candidates in Final Stray Vacancy Round)

Procedure for Mop Up Round Counseling which will be conducted by DGHS for Deemed & Central Universities?
Ans. The net vacant seats due to non joining, non reporting of Round 2 will be published in the seat
matrix and eligible candidates have to submit fresh choices and the result will be processed as per
Choice & Merit.

Who will be eligible for DGHS Mop Up Round for Deemed & Central Universities?
Ans. The Following categories of candidates are eligible for Mop Up Round
a) Candidates who are registering for the first time.
b) Candidates who have registered but not been allotted a seat in Round I &Round II.
c) All candidates except those who are holding a seat of Round I or Round II.


Who are Eligible for Stray Vacancy Round of Deemed/ Central Universities?
Ans. All Registered Candidates except the following three categories are eligible for Stray Vacancy
Round of Deemed/ Central Universities:-
a) Candidates who joined the allotted seat in Round II of AIQ/ Deemed/ Central Universities.
b) Candidates allotted a seat in Mop Up Round of DGHS
c) Candidates joined a seat in Mop Up Round of DGHS.

 Who are not eligible for Stray Vacancy Round of Deemed Universities?
Ans. Following Candidates are not eligible:-
a) Candidates who joined theallotted seat in Round II of AIQ/ Deemed/ Central Universities.
b) Candidates allotted a seat in Mop Up Round of DGHS.
c) Candidates joined the allotted seat in Mop Up Round of DGHS.
d) Candidates who have not registered in any of Previous 3 Rounds.

 Will there be any Fresh Registration for Stray Vacancy Round?
Ans. No, there will be no Fresh Registration. The 10 times vacant seats list of registered candidates
will be provided by DGHS to colleges for Stray Vacancy Round as per the direction of Hon’ble
Supreme Court directions and as per regulations of MCI.


On the other hand for state counselling every state has its own website for counselling.

For your convenience we are  giving your complete list of states with their website.

State counselling for NEET MBBS UG 2021 official website link

Important links for official website medical counselling of  all India Quota(AIQ),State Counseling, Central University,Deemed University counselling 2021 date is as below:

15 % All India Quota all India Quota(AIQ),Central University, Deemed University counselling registration starts.

NEET MBBS 1st counselling 2021

NEET MBBS  COUNSELLING 2021 1st counselling  Registration /Payment/Choice filling may starts from will be from 7th January 2021 to 12th January 2021 up to 5:00 pm.

And result may be declared 15th January 2021.

NEET MBBS 2nd counselling 2021

NEET MBBS  COUNSELLING 2021 2nd counselling  Registration /Payment/Choice filling may starts in the January end or 1st week of February 2021.

And result will be declared in mid of February 2021.

Transfer of Non reporting & Non Joining vacant seats to state(Not applicable from 2021)

You can visit following websites for NEET UG 2021 counselling application form.


Karnataka State medical Counselling(KEA)official website    :


West Bengal State medical Counselling official website:


Chhattisgarh State medical Counselling official website:


Tripura State medical Counselling official website:


Uttar Pradesh State medical Counselling official website:


Punjab State medical Counselling official website:


Maharashtra State medical Counselling official website:


Madhya Pradesh State medical Counselling official website:


Tamilnadu State medical Counselling official website:  or    WWW.TNHEALTH.ORG 

Kerala State medical Counselling official website:


Haryana State medical Counselling official website:


Himachal Pradesh State medical Counselling official website:



Andhra Pradesh State medical Counselling official website:


Bihar State medical Counselling official website:


Delhi State medical Counselling official website:


IP University Delhi State medical Counselling official website :


Uttarakhand State medical Counselling official website:


Jharkhand State medical Counselling official website:


Orisha State medical Counselling official website:


Assam State medical Counselling official website:


Rajasthan State medical Counselling official website:


Telangana State medical Counselling official website:


Gujarat State medical Counselling official website:


Jammu & Kashmir State medical Counselling official website:


Pondicherry State medical Counselling official website :


Sikkim State medical Counselling official website:



Goa state medical counselling official website:

Tripura State Medical Counselling official Website:


Last chance Take Advantage of Management Quota Seats in Private and Deemed Medical Colleges in India.

“Does NRI quota/management quota medical quota seat still exist after NEET 2021 ?”

“Yes. It does exist in various state private medical colleges and deemed medical colleges.

But every medical college has its own way of giving admission under those seats.”

“How can one avail NRI quota/management quota seat?”

Those NRI seats which remain vacant during the entire counseling process are then get converted into various management quota seat which can be availed during the stray vacancy round or institutional mop up .

One can approach those vacant seats with their eligibility documents and other requirements.

“What is the fee structure of NRI quota/management quota seat ?”

“It purely depends from college to college as per their reputation or demand for that particular college and the fees sanctioned by the designated authorities which varies from anywhere between”.

What is the eligibility criteria for the student, who wants to take admission under NRI /management quota?” “He/she should be NEET qualified and have all necessary documents to secure a seat.”

“How “getMBBSadmission ”team can help students in getting admission under NRI quota/management quota seats ?”

“Getting admission into a medical college could be very challenging for students if they are new to the admission procedure or if they are not aware of the entire procedure to secure a MBBS seat since the NEET exam in India.

Securing admission in a medical college is getting complicated every year with the increase in competition and change in policies.

Our team has a vast experience in the field of counseling and worked with students and parents directly by eliminating any agent or middleman in the process.

Our well experienced and organized method of counseling has helped more than 500+ students across India getting admissions in their dream medical colleges across India.

Open states for MBBS Admission in India. As we know that only some of states of India allows to take

admission in their state.

Some of them are in very high demand.

Even then if you don’t get a MBBS BDS seat in India you can try abroad.

In this article we are providing you the complete admission process for MBBS in Abroad

  1. Registration
  2. Admission Letter
  3. Passport
  4. H R D Attestation
  5. External Affair permission
  6. Translation of all documents in respective country language
  7. Invitation Letter/Admission Confirmation Letter
  8. Medical check up in India
  9. Apply for Visa
  10. Collection of Visa from Embassy
  11. Medical Insurance
  12. Police Registration
  13. Registration in Indian Embassy
  14. Fly your destination
  15. Start your course

For confirm admission guidance in MD/MS/PG diploma/MBBS  in Abraod call 8826861147.

We also guide students for Indian Deemed/Central Universities /Private University.

You can also VISIT our youtube Channel GetMBBSAdmission for MBBS Admission related query.

MBBS In Russia, Admission Process, Medical Colleges in Russia

Russia is rich in heritage, art, and culture. St. Petersburg is one of the most modern cities of Russia and is the 2nd largest city. It is also known as the cultural capital.

Russia has welcomed thousands of students from all over the world every year who visit the country for education purpose. The country is open to students from all nationalities and encourages vast cultural diversity.

One of the best reasons to study in Russia is that most of the Russian Universities are listed in the top medical universities in the world in the field of Medicine, Engineering, and Management.

Most of the courses are taught in English Medium which is an added advantage.

Russia has the most college-level or higher graduates in terms of percentage of the population in the world. The entry to subsidized higher education is highly competitive.

As a result of great emphasis on science and technology, Russian medical education, mathematical, scientific, and aerospace research is generally of a high order.

Russian Universities are extremely recognized and hence the student can work all over the world after completing their medical course.

The list of Universities mentioned below are already listed under the Medical Council of India where students should go and pursue their MBBS course and the degree is valid all over the world and students can participate in the MCI screening test conducted in India every year.

World Health Organization (WHO) is a globally acclaimed body under where all the medical colleges from all over the World are listed and work under the guidance and protocols of WHO.

Hence it is mandatory for every medical institute, university and colleges in India and abroad to be listed with WHO.

Benefits of studying MBBS in Russia

  • Focus on imparting practical skills to the students.
  • Excellent weather conducive for studying.
  • Renowned teaching faculty with years of teaching experience.
  • Excellent quality education.
  • Courses recognized by major medical councils of the world.
  • Affordable fee.
  • Standard of Living as per European lifestyle.
  • Worldwide recognition of Russian Medical Education.
  • English as the medium of instruction.
  • Students are studying in a group of 8-10 students by one teacher.
  • Every year many students from India and abroad go to Russia.
  • All Universities of Russia are government university.
  • Indian food or self-cooking facility is available in most of the universities.
  • Degrees awarded by the Universities are recognized worldwide.
  • The MCI clearing ratio of most of the Universities is above 50% in the first attempt, while the rest clear in the second attempt.
  • Students and parents get many references for students already studying or passed out successfully.
  • Students who get back or cannot pass in any examination get to reappear in it within one month, which saves their year.

We at getting MBBS admission facilitate every student with the complete assistance of Personalized Counseling, University Selection, MCI Coaching in Universities, Step-by-step Admission Process, Career Counseling, Travel/ Visa Assistance and much more.

We are constantly involved in every junction of the career for every student from counseling to convocation.

English Medium | 5.8 Years program | Lowest Package · MCI /WHO Recognized | Degree valid all over the world.

Before Going to Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, we should know about the beautiful country Kyrgyzstan which is located in the central part of Asia and follows a parliamentary republic system. Kyrgyz is the national language of the country. The country is divided into seven provinces, which consists of different districts and is administered by governors. Bishkek is the capital of the country.

The lowest cost medical programs for Indian students is available in Kyrgyzstan. At the total cost of below Rs. 11.00 Lacs including the fees structure and hostel accommodation. The Kyrgyzstan MBBS degree can be completed within 6 years.

The Indian students feel comfortable in Kyrgyzstan as the weather is very much similar to the colder cities in North India. The living cost is even slightly lesser than India.  Indian students who want to study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan must definitely consider choosing a top university from the Kyrgyzstan medical university list. There is a very small list of MCI recognized medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan in compare to  MBBS in Ukraine or MBBS in Russia. MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is more economical for students who want to pursue their dream of becoming a doctor and pursue their career MBBS in abroad. The MBBS fee in Kyrgyzstan is very low and very much affordable to the Indian students and is also considered to be one of the few countries which offer the cheapest MBBS Education in the world.

The main religion is Islam of the people of Kyrgyzstan. However, people follow the Russian culture. It culturally accepts Indian students and students from all the religion.  MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is getting popular every year. Studying at any top MBBS college in Kyrgyzstan would assure students with a brilliant medical career. Kyrgyzstan MBBS degree in India is very valuable. However, it is important to study at the oldest and top-ranked Kyrgyzstan medical college i.e– Kyrgyzstan State Medical Academy. This university is based in the capital city of Bishkek.

MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian Students

Kazakhstan is a country in Central Asia. The Official languages of Kazakhstan are Kazakh and Russian. The country shares borders with Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan,

MBBS in Kazakhstan is a brilliant option for Indian students. Because the students who have done their MBBS from Kazakhstan have outperformed their counterparts from countries such as Russia, China, and Kyrgyzstan in terms of FMGE passing percentage (between 2012-13 to 2016-17).

Reasons why Kazakhstan is a better option for Indian students to pursue their medical education.

1.FMGE results show that the passing percentage than China, Kyrgyzstan, Russia.

At the end of the day, all that matters is whether you have cleared FMGE or not and Indian students have been passing this exam at a better ratio than students from countries like Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Romania, Bulgaria. We would recommend MBBS in Kazakhstan rather than MBBS in China as the duration is the same but the FMGE passing percentage is higher for Kazakhstan.

  1. Duration of the course: MBBS in Kazakhstan duration = 5 years
  2. Kazakhstan had the 6th highest number of students who came back to sit for FMGE among all the countries abroad which shows the growing popularity of MBBS from Kazakhstan.
  3. Students have a direct flight from Delhi to Kazakhstan which takes around 3 hr 45 min.

                                    List of Top Medical Universities for MBBS in Kazakhstan:

University Name Yearly Tuition Fees (US $)
Kazakh National Medical University, Almaty 5,700
Kokshetau State University, Kokshetau 3,000
North Kazakhstan State University, Petropavl 3,000
South Kazakhstan Medical Academy, Shymkent 3,600
West Kazakhstan State Medical University, Aktobe 3,600
Kazakhstan-Russian Medical University, Almaty 4,000
Kazakh Medical University for Continuing Education 3,500

MBBS in Philippines , Admission Fees & Medical Colleges in Philippines

MBBS in the Philippines is very popular among Indian students and students don’t have to study any additional language like in China or Russia because the Philippines is an English speaking country.

More than 95% of the people of the Philippines speak the English language. The various universities in the Philippines are now very well recognized by MCI.

Due to the language and climate comfort  Indian students have started going to the  Medical universities in the Philippines.MBBS fees in. Philippines medical college fees would range starts anywhere between 11-18 lakh and goes up to 30 lakhs.

MBBS in Philippines is one of the best and most preferred locations for Indian students.

As studying in Philippines provide students with the right blend of theoretical and practical education which enables the students to become successful doctors in the future.

Universities such as AMA School of Medicine, Our Lady of Fatima University, University of Perpetual Help are best for Indian students. MBBS in Philippines fees comes in the range between ₹15-25 lakh for the above-mentioned colleges.

Fees play a very important role when it comes to studying MBBS in abroad.

However, one should see this as an investment in their future and as an expense studying in the Philippines is a bit expensive as compared to mbbs in  Russia, mbbs in Ukraine or any other European country.

If you are looking for a low budget college with very low fees, then the Philippines is not for you as such colleges do not provide quality education and have poor infrastructure.

The student will have to make lots of adjustments such as learning a completely new local language, living in extreme tough climatic conditions, get a very average education, no practical exposure, no Indian food, etc.

Therefore, selecting a college with very low fees might seem fancy at first but is filled with many disadvantages.

 Top medical colleges in Philippines :

 College Name Total  Fees in (Approx.)
AMA School of Medicine, Makati Campus, Metro Manila 15,62,500
University of Perpetual Help 18,12,500
Angeles University Foundation 20,15,000
Our Lady of Fatima University 23,14,000
Medical School Foundation

The fees for medical colleges for MBBS in Philippine is affordable for Indian students. The quality of education is of the highest order in medical colleges in the Philippines. It is the perfect Return on Investment.


Located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, It is bounded to the west by the Bank Sea, to the north by Russia, to the south by Turkey and Armenia, and southeast by Azerbaijan.

The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi. Georgia covers a territory of 69,7000kM and its population is almost 4.7 million. Georgia is a unitary, semi-presidential republic, with the government elected through a representative democracy.

Also, Georgia country medical education is famous across the world. Studying MBBS in Georgia is something worth considering in case of students who wish to study MBBS in Europe.

There are many WHO recognized medical colleges in Georgia. Students who wish to study MBBS in European countries are choosing Georgia as their study destination due to various reasons.

MBBS in Georgia benefits is huge in comparison to study MBBS in England or MBBS in Romania or any other European country for that matter.

There are many WHO recognized medical colleges in Russia as well which are mentioned in the list of WHO recognized medical colleges but it all depends on the road-map, budget, choice of country and future prospects of individual students.

MBBS Admission in Georgia is an affordable option than the Indian private medical colleges. Indian students can get the best quality Medical education from the Top universities in Georgia and that too at a reasonable and affordable fee.

Georgia is a very safe country when it comes to the safety for girl students and with absolutely no crime and students can travel in buses, trains without any problems. Most of the people of Georgia follow Christianity and believe in love. Georgian people are very calm, peace-loving and accept religion and culture from all over the world


  • Georgia has become a hot destination for Indian Students from around the world WHO need to pursue MBBS in Abroad
  • Being a fine looking country, Georgia offers numerous advantages to Indian students. Students from India, similarly as alternative countries, visit Georgia to induce medical education. This area unit the most reasons why students opt for MBBS in Georgia.
  • No test for taking MBBS Admission in Georgia.
  • No Donation.
  • The Georgia Medical universities area unit recognized by the planet Health Organization (WHO), listed in World Directory of Medical faculties (WDOMS) and approved by Medical Council of Republic of India (MCI – Medical Council of India).
  • No Condition of IELTS/TOEFL
  • Fully English Medium
  • Scholarships for Outstanding Students
  • The MBBS Course is completed in five years specially designed for Indian Students.
  • MBBS degree from the medical schools of Georgia is globally accepted.
  • Students area unit allowed to participate in international conferences and seminars that facilitate them in gaining a lot of data and skill.
  • Education imparted in Georgian Medical schools is of the best quality with extremely knowledgeable school.
  • The cost of the whole course of MBBS in Georgia is extremely low as compared to alternative countries and significantly Republic of India.
  • Eligible for Education Loan


MBBS Colleges in Nepal  is now  second next  popular option for all those Indian students who are willing to do MBBS in India but due to their low budget can not take admission in India.


MBBS Colleges in Nepal  is now  second next  popular option for all those Indian students who are willing to do MBBS.

This is very easy to take admission in Nepal Medical Colleges ,Nepal Medical College fees is also very affordable to Indian students.

Culture of Nepal is almost similar to India ,this is also one of the reason that  MBBS in Nepal for Indian students becomes a suitable choice.


  • Most of colleges offering  MBBS in Nepal are  MCI recognized.
  • As far as  climate  is concerned ,it is similar to India .
  • Quality of education of MBBS in Nepal is also very good.
  • Another benefit is the affordable MBBS Course fees in Nepal.
  • Syllabus of  MBBS course in Nepal and MBBS in India is almost similar.
  • The living cost  for all those Indians who are doing MBBS in Nepal is very affordable, it is perfectly suitable for the Indian Middle Class.
  • As it is very near to India so the travel time as well fare is also very nominal.
  • The food in Nepal is quite similar to Indian cuisine. Students hardly notice the change of Nations, when it comes to food.


Medical Colleges in Nepal under Kathmandu University

1. Manipal College of Medical Sciences Pokhara

2. College of Medical Sciences Bharatpur

3. Nepalgunj Medical College Nepalgunj

4. Kathmandu Medical College Kathmandu

5. Nepal Medical College Kathmandu

6. Nobel Medical College Biratnagar

7. Lumbini Medical College Palpa

8. Birat Medical College Biratnagar

9. Devdaha Medical College Lumbini

10. Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences

Medical Colleges in Nepal under TRIBHUVAN University

1. National Medical College Birgunj

2. Universal College of Medical Sciences Bhairahawa

3. Janaki Medical College Janakpur

4. KIST Medical College Patan

5. Chitwan Medical College Bharatpur

6. Gandaki Medical College Pokhara


Indian students seeking MBBS admission in Nepal must fulfill the below mentioned MBBS eligibility criteria in order to secure MBBS seat.

  • To pursue MBBS in Nepal, the candidate must have completed 17 years of age by 31st of December of the admission year.
  • The candidate must have completed 10+2 years of education or equivalent, with English, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as main subjects and he/she must have passed in all these subjects, securing not less than 50% of marks in each subject and also obtain an aggregate of 50% overall.
  • The candidate must secure qualifying marks in MBBS Entrance Exams conducted by various Universities in Nepal.
  • Indian students seeking MBBS admission in Nepal must submit Eligibility Certificate issued by the Medical Council of India (MCI).



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