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7 Tips for NEET Repeaters & Droppers

Tips for NEET Repeaters & Droppers: NEET entrance is indeed one of the toughest exams to crack at least in India. And it’s getting tougher and tougher every passing year. Aspirants do hard work in order to pass from it and follow their passion for medication.

Despite having a hard entrance some candidates crack NEET with insane numbers that amaze others, some just pass and sadly there are also some students who fail to crack It.

But it doesn’t mean those students give up and drop it.

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In fact, they need to bounce back just like a rubber ball, no matter how hard you drop a rubber ball it will always bounce back.

That’s why we decided to write an article on 7 tips for NEET repeaters or droppers to crack NEET this year.

Motivation for NEET Repeaters

There are tons of NEET repeaters success stories, who didn’t give up and got a good ranking.

Don’t trust my words, here the proof,

NEET Repeaters success stories

Another one here,

Want more fuel to ignite your motivation,

read this Quora topic- NEET repeaters & droppers share their success story 

Where aspirants shared their true success stories with their own words.

Now let’s move over to the 7 tips that will help NEET repeaters to crack NEET this year!

7 Tips for NEET Repeaters & Droppers to Crack NEET

1. Analyze your NEET result

We can’t stop ourselves from sharing this tip with NEET repeaters as we found this very important and helpful.

By analyzing your result, you will know what holds you back to get better scores.

Put out question paper and analyze all the questions, mark the ones that find difficult as these question-related chapters are your weakness.

This will help you improve in these lacking areas of the syllabus.

So the next time you attempt in NEET again, chances are very high that you don’t face difficulty this time solving them as you already turned your weakness into strength.

2. Stay Focus and Stay Motivated

Most NEET repeaters lose their confidence after failing and lose their focus. And this lack of confidence drew them back to prepare again.

Don’t let this happen with yourself, in fact, you need to accept your failure and understand that failure is also a part of success.

Stay motivated, that’s why we first share some success stories above to fuel up your motivation before you jump to these tips for NEET repeaters.

If you haven’t read those NEET repeaters success stories then we highly suggest you to read them first.

Just motivating yourself is not enough, you also need to stay focused all the while you’re preparing for your next attempt.

Be like Arjun from Mahabharat, just focus on fish’s eye, ignore all the distractions around you, just focus on your goal until you achieve it.

With this let’s go to our tip number 3.

3. Create an effective Study Plan

Make a timetable for your daily routine on how much time you are going to give to study every subject, practicals, tests, and of course your health.

Prioritize this study plan over everything.

As a NEET repeater, don’t repeat all the mistakes again that you did with previous study plans.

By given a certain amount of time with 100% focus you can achieve anything in life. NEET preparation in no other thing.

So focus 100% on your study plan and prepare to crack NEET this time.

Here’s our personal advice, ready a timetable, print on some papers and stick it in places like your room, hall, and kitchen (most visited place in the house and that way your family members also know the time and don’t bother you while studying.)

4. Prefer only Best NEET Study materials

Only making study plan will not help you out until you select the right study material.

Don’t confuse yourself with too many books, select what is right for you.

Let’s understand with an example,

Think about this a car mechanic (or engineer) trying to repair a rocket with his car equipments. Am not saying he can’t do that, he can but how much time and efforts it’s gonna take for him to do it or it’s also possible that he fails.


Because he chooses the wrong equipments. But what if he chooses the right materials in the first place. Well, you knew the answer.

That why you need to choose the best NEET study material in the first place.

Choose NCERT 11th, 12th books to study as there are all chapter of NEET syllabus in those books and affiliated by CBSE.

Join NEET online mock tests.

Find best books for NEET preparation ( there are a lot of NEET books that can help you in preparation)

Things to consider before choosing books for NEET preparation

Always check for the updated or latest version of a book.

Must carry all NEET syllabus for the particular subject

Check ratings and reviews by users on the internet.

Must include solved Question papers and sample papers.

Select books from famous publications as they fulfill all requirements for student – Easy to understand, latest syllabus and previous year solved question papers, etc.

5. Don’t Be Overconfident

Being a NEET repeater, you will be going to study the same material that you studied previously.

So there are high chances, You must have been bored of reading the same thing again. And because of boredom you might not feel like studying. 

But, our dear readers, if you are not studying enough, you are wasting yet another year. So please gather your strength and give this exam a final blow with all your might.

6. Don’t forget to Practice

Practicing makes you better. The more you practice a thing the better you get at that thing. Of course, you heard this earlier isn’t you.

So, don’t take this step lightly.

Practice regularly, solve previous year’s question papers, test papers and revision papers. This will not just get you familiar with the question’s patterns but also increase your speed to solving them.

Take a weekly test where you can attempt to solve the last year’s question paper like an actual NEET exam with 3 hour time duration. This will remove your anxiety and nervousness and makes you better to complete the exam under time duration.

By practising regularly, you will find hard topics that need more improvement, weakness in difficult questions and analysis of mistakes that you made.

This step is just strong enough for you to get higher rankings in NEET.

7. Develop a  Healthy Mind

Note: This is not a tip, it’s my personal concern for you and other students as well.

A healthy body possesses a healthy mind., And a healthy mind keeps you motivated and focused

So make sure to inherit a healthy mind and the best way to do that is to eat healthy foods and stay away from screens and sleep well.

I know NEET is tough and takes hard work to crack it but remember your physical and mental health is above it and most important.

Don’t get so deep that it costs you your health. What’s the point in that. Make sure you don’t get depressed and feel anxiety.

Take short breaks, stay positive, and this way you will be at your best condition while taking the exam. And trust me this matters most.

So, take care of your health while you prepare for the NEET.

Wrapping Up

As a NEET Repeater and dropper, you have to make sure not to duplicate the same mistakes that you made previously and stay focused on the goal of cracking until you achieve it.

And we can guarantee it if you follow all the above-mentioned tips to stay motivated to your health, then cracking NEET is no big thing to you.

All you have to say no to things that are distracting like games, watching movies, killing time with friends etc. and stick with the preparedness of NEET.

We wish you super good luck with your hard work and determination.

All the best !!!.

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