CPS admission Maharashtra 2022

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CPS admission Maharashtra 2022

CPS admission Maharashtra 2022

Today we will discuss about CPS admission Maharashtra 2022. Read this article till end to know the latest revised Admission Process CPS with Fee structure in 2022.

CPS admission Maharashtra 2022

CPS stands for College of Physicians and Surgeons, which is a professional body in India that offers postgraduate medical diplomas and fellowships.

If you have completed your MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) degree and wish to pursue a postgraduate diploma in a specific medical field, you can consider applying for a CPS diploma program in Gujarat.

The CPS offers various diploma programs in different medical specialties, such as:

  • Diploma in Anesthesia
  • Diploma in Child Health
  • Diploma in Clinical Pathology
  • Diploma in Dermatology, Venereology and Leprosy
  • Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Diploma in Ophthalmology
  • Diploma in Orthopaedics
  • Diploma in Otorhinolaryngology
  • Diploma in Psychological Medicine
  • Diploma in Radio-Diagnosis
  • Diploma in Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases

To apply for a CPS diploma program, you need to meet the eligibility criteria, which may vary depending on the specific program. Generally, you need to have completed your MBBS degree from a recognized institution and have a valid medical registration with the Medical Council of India or State Medical Council.

You can visit the official website of CPS to get more information about the diploma programs, eligibility criteria, application process, and other relevant details.

CPS Mumbai is an examining body established in 1912 by Surgeon General Sir H. W. Stevenson for meritorious doctors of allopathy desirous to have PG medical qualification before rendering the medical services to the society.

CPS is one of the oldest Post Graduate Medical educational institution in India empowered to confer qualifications (LCPS, MCPS, Diploma, FCPS) by Indian Medical Degree Act 1916.

It is an examining body based on Royal College of Surgeons of England and it is like the National Board of Examination (Estd. By Act of Parliament, Govt. of India).

CPS is an autonomous body governed constitutionally by elected 24 members (faculties of different specialties) with strong democratic traditions.

CPS admission counselling schedule 2022

cps counselling schedule 2022

Click here to see the complete schedule 2022.

CPS Diploma Maharashtra Fee Structure 2022

Code Title Course Name CPS FEES* (INR)  Fees Per Year (INR)
Merit Quota Institutional Quota
D08 DORTHO Diploma in Orthopaedics 85,000 /- 6,00,000/- 12,00,000/-
D09 DPM Diploma in Psychological Medicine 85,000 /- 6,00,000/- 12,00,000/-
D11 DMRE Diploma in Medical Radiology , Electrology 85,000 /- 6,00,000/- 18,00,000/-
D13 TDD Diploma in Tuberculous Diseases 85,000 /- 6,00,000/- 12,00,000/-
D16 DTM Diploma in Transfusion Medicine 85,000 /- 6,00,000/- 12,00,000/-
D17 DTMH Diploma in Tropical, Medicine , Health 85,000 /- 6,00,000/- 12,00,000/-
II – Fellowship Courses (Three Years)
Merit Quota Institutional
F01 FCPS(MED) FCPS in Medicine 95,000/- 7,00,000/- 21,00,000/-
F02 FCPS(SURG) FCPS in Surgery 95,000/- 7,00,000/- 14,00,000/-
F03 FCPS(OBGY) FCPS in Midwifery and Gynaecology 95,000/- 7,00,000/- 14,00,000/-
F04 FCPS(OPTHL) FCPS in Ophthalmology 95,000/- 7,00,000/- 14,00,000/-
F05 FCPS(CH) FCPS in Child Health 95,000/- 7,00,000/- 14,00,000/-
F06 FCPS(DERMT) FCPS in Dermatology 95,000/- 7,00,000/- 21,00,000/-
F07 FCPS(ORL) FCPS in Oto-Rhino-Laryngology (ENT) 95,000/- 7,00,000/- 14,00,000/-
F08 FCPS(ORTHO) FCPS in Orthopaedics 95,000/- 7,00,000/- 14,00,000/-
F09 FCPS(ANAESTH) FCPS in Anaesthesia 95,000/- 7,00,000/- 14,00,000/-
F10 FCPS(PATHO) FCPS in Pathology 95,000/- 7,00,000/- 14,00,000/-
(Candidates are required to pay Institution fees by Demand Draft at the time of joining.)

What is CPS  Mumbai admission process  ?

Ans: Here you can see the complete admission process:

Click here to apply online for CPS.

CPC Diploma Online application form 

 1 All medical aspirants desirous to take admission in CPS Diplomas/Fellowships have to register him self /herself online through official website of CPS .

2  Applicants are supposed  to register themselves with working contact number and email-id to create online login account. All the communication will  be made on the mobile number and email-id provided at the time of registration.

3 After successful registration, the applicants can log in and fill the online application form along with uploading of required documents and non-refundable application fee of Rs 4000/-(Four Thousand) . This  fees can be paid Online by using Debit Card/Credit Card/ Net Banking etc. On submission of form, the applicants shall receive ten-digit application number (e.g. 2029060001). The applicant is supposed to save /remember the ten-digit number, which will be needed for all future process.

cps counselling fee 2019cps 2019 schedule

4 If an applicant  is willing to apply for seats in more than one State, he / she needs to apply online for each state separately (if other-wise eligible for multiple states).Separate application number shall be generated for each state.

5 Last date of online form submission for 2022 session is 27-02-2023.College of Physicians and Surgeons of Mumbai (CPS).

6 If any of the information / submitted documents is found to be false / fabricated /fraudulent; the applicant will become non-eligible for the admission process and such applicant shall be liable for appropriate action decided by CPS Council.

CPS seat Matrix 2022 category wise

cps seat matrix 2022

List of hospitals offering CPS  Diploma in  Maharashtra 2022

Ans:Here is list of Hospitals:

LIST OF INSTITUTES OFFERING CPS diploma 2022 maharashtra

Earlier lots of options were available ,which are as follows:  

Name of Colleges , Hospitals City
Nanavati Hospital Mumbai
Bhatia General Hospital Mumbai
KB Haji Bachooali Ophthalmic Hospital Mumbai
K J Somaiya Medical College Mumbai
Mumbai Port Trust Hospital Mumbai
PH Medical Centre Mumbai
BMC’s Gandhi , Vora Rajawadi Mumbai
Jagjivanram Railway Hospital Mumbai
Masina Hospital Mumbai
Nowrosjee Wadia Maternity Hospital Mumbai
LH Hiranandani Hospital Mumbai
KB Bhabha Hospital Mumbai
Kenia Eye Hospital Mumbai
Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital for Children Mumbai
Bakul Parekh’s Children Hospital Mumbai
Surya Children’s Medical Pvt Ltd Mumbai
Smt Nathibai Damodar Thackersey University Mumbai
Terna Medical College Navi Mumbai
MGM Group MCRI Hospital Navi Mumbai
Life Line Hospital Navi Mumbai
Mathadi Hospital Navi Mumbai
Lotus Imaging Centre Navi Mumbai
Laxmi Charitable Trust’s Eye Hospital Navi Mumbai
Mohite Amrut Medical Foundation Navi Mumbai
Dr Yewale Multiplicity Hospital for Children Navi Mumbai
Mahajan Hospital Navi Mumbai
Rajiv Gandhi Medical College Thane
Jupiter Lifeline Hospitals Ltd Thane
Grant Hospital’s Ruby Hall Clinic Pune
KEM Hospital Pune
PCMC’s YCM Hospital Pune
PMC’s Kamla Nehru Hospital Pune
Dwarika Sangamnerkar Medical Foundation Pune
Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital Pune
Dr Patankar Medical Foundation Pune
Kamat Hospital Pune
Noble Hospitals Pune
Ruby Ailcare Pune
Sachin Kamble Orthopaedic , Sainath Hospital Pune
National Institute of Ophthalmology Pune
Chinmay Pratisthan’s Institutes of Paediatrics Pune
Sant Dyaneshwar Medical Foundation Pune
Unique Medical Foundation Pune
Sushila Apang Punavarsan Pratisthan Pune
Hardikar Hospital Pune
Omkar Accident Hospital Pune
Dhanashree Hospital Pune
Deoyani Hospital Pune
Vignahan Pratisthan Bobade Hospital Pune
Skin , Surgery Asia Institute of Hair Transplant Pune
Jivraj Hospital Baramati
MGM MCRI Hospital Aurangabad
Kamla Nehru Edu Society’s Sakholkar Hospital Aurangabad
Tapadia Diagnostic Hospital Aurangabad
Varad Netralaya of Sambre Guruji Memo Trust Aurangabad
Anand Trust’s Anand Hospital Aurangabad
Sanjeevani Children Hospital Aurangabad
Saoji Pratisthan Centre’s Saoji Ortho Hospital Aurangabad
Tambe Hospital of SMBT Sevabhavi Trust Ahmednagar
Lata Mangeshkar Hospital Nagpur
Radhakrishna Hospital , Research Institute Nagpur
Mahatme Eye Bank , Eye Hospital Nagpur
Evista Eye Care Centre Nagpur
Sushrut Orthopaedic Hospital Nagpur
Rotary Eye Hospital Nashik
Kalpatru Foundation Sanstha Hospital Nashik
Indorewala ENT Institute of Research Centre Nashik
Shri Chaitanya Medical Foundation Hospital Nashik
Ramkrishna Medical Dr Kakadkar Hospital Nashik
Shaikh Institute of Orthopaedic , Trauma Sangli
Miraj Medical Centre’s Wanless Hospital Sangli
Shri Tatyasaheb Ghatage Charitable Trust Sangli
Viranand Somashekar Hospital , PG Institute Sangli
Anna Mhaishlkar Shinde Orthopaedic Hospital Sangli
Sarvamangal Pratisthan Sangli
Sou Vaijanta Sawant Trust Aditya Hospital Sangli
Uma Hospital , Research Centre Sangli
Lion’s Eye Care’s Lion’s NAB Hospital Sangli
Apple Hospital , Research Institute Kolhapur
Masai Medical’s Shri Swami Samarth Hospital Kolhapur
Patil Orthopaedics , Multiplicity Hospital Kolhapur
Kolhapur Orthopaedics Hospital Kolhapur
Patki Research Hospital Kolhapur
Lt Hariramji Bhattad Medical Foundation Latur
Sou Alka K Maidarkar Trust’s Paed Hospital Latur
Vaishnavi Hospital , Endoscopy Centre Latur
Vision Radio Diagnostic Centre Latur
Ashwini Sahakari Hospital , Research Centre Solapur
Kasliwal Hospital Solapur
Navjeevan Child Hospital Solapur
Shri Seva Maidyakiya Medical Centre Solapur
Span Hospital Solapur
Ashwini Rural Medical College , Research Solapur
Shri Markandey Solapur Sahakari Rughnalaya Solapur
Shobha Nursing Home Pvt Ltd Solapur
Chirantan Aarogya Seva , Chirantan Hospital Dhule
Shri Gurudatta Charitable Foundation Dhule
Dr BKL Walawalkar Hospital Ratnagiri
Parker Medical Foundation Hospital Ratnagiri
Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences Wardha
Dr Panjabrao Alias Bhausaheb Deshmukh Amravati
Gujar Memorial Hospital Satara
Ghorpade Memorial Foundation’s Niramay Hospital Satara
Karad Janta Resh Centre’s City Medical Centre Satara
Shri Seva Medical Foundation Satara
Amrit Medical Foundation Nandadeep Hospital Satara
Sanjeevan Multiplicity Hospital Yavatmal

List of CPS Diploma courses in Maharashtra 2022 ?

Ans: Names of the courses under CPS are:

LIST OF CPS diploma courses 2022

Earlier follwing courses were available: 

MEMBERSHIP (MCPS) (5 ½ Years Including Internship)

M01 MCPS Membership of College of physicians , Surgeons

FCPS Course

Three years Course

FELLOWSHIP (FCPS) (Three years course)

F01 FCPS (MED) FCPS-Medicine
F02 FCPS (SURG) FCPS-Surgery
F03 FFCPS (MID-GYN) FCPS-Midwifery , Gynaecology (Mid. , Gyn.)
F04 FCPS (OPTHL) FCPS-Ophthalmology
F05 FCPS (CH) FCPS-Child Health
F06 FCPS (DERMT) FCPS-Dermatology and Venereology
F07 FCPS (ORL) FCPS-Oto-Rhino-Laryngology
F08 FCPS (ORTHO) FCPS-Orthopaedics
F09 FCPS (ANAES) FCPS-Anaesthesiology
F10 FCPS (PATHO) FCPS-Pathology

Diploma Courses (Two years)

D01 DOMS Diploma in Ophthalmic Medicine and Surgery
D02 DGO Diploma in Gynecology and Obstetrics
D03 DCH Diploma in Child Health
D04 DPB Diploma in Pathology and Bacteriology
D05 DDV Diploma in Dermatology and Venereology
D06 DA Diploma in Anaesthesia
D07 DORL Diploma in Oto-Rhino-Laryngology (E.N.T.)
D08 DORTHO Diploma in Orthopaedics
D09 DPM Diploma in Psychological Medicine(Part I , II)
D11 DMRE Diploma in Medical Radiology , Electrology(Part I , II)
D13 TDD Diploma in Tuberculosis Diseases
D14 DFP Diploma in Family Planning
D15 DPH Diploma in Public Health
D16 DTM Diploma in Transfusion Medicine
D17 DTMH Diploma in Tropical Medicine , Health
D19 DGS Diploma in General Surgery


Note: Medical aspirants  enrolling for FCPS , Diploma together shall be required to pay combined fees of Rs. 70,200/-.Applicants enrolling for FCPS , Diploma fees of Rs. 15000/-.

Frequently asked questions related to CPS and FCPS

What is official website of CPS Maharashtra in 2022 ?

Ans: Click here to visit official website of CPS Maharashtra .

If you want to take admission in DNB courses, click here .

What are important Steps for submission of CPS PG Admission form ?

Ans: Here is the complete list of steps:

1)      Login using User Id and Password.

2)      Go to CPS-PG-Application -gt; Brochure.

3)      Read the brochure thoroughly.

4)      Go to CPS-PG-Application -gt; Application form.

5)      Select the State which you wish to seek admission in.

6)      Read all instructions carefully.

7)      If you agree, click on “I agree”, then click on “Continue”.

8)      Fill Personal and Academic details.

9)      Upload scanned documents (as requisite) and reconfirm before submission. Change of data / record shall not be allowed after the payment of application fees.

10)    Make payment of application fees (by Net banking / Demand Draft).

We hope this article “CPS admission 2022” will be useful for all medical aspirants.

Feel free to contact us @ 8826-86-11-47/93-50-990-408 for counselling and admission related inquiry in MD/MS/PG Diploma/DNB and MBBS.You can call us for any query and questions related to  NEET UG/PG examination .We are ready to assist you anytime.

You can also visit our You Tube channel by clicking here.

fcps and cps

What is the Post Graduate Diploma Courses admission process in Odisha or What is the admission process in CPS PG admission in Odisha ?

Ans:Here is the complete admission process of  Odisha state

:odhisha pg diploma 2020odisha pg diplomacps admission odisha 2020

What is the admission process and schedule in CPS PG admission in Gujarat ?

cps admission gujarat 2020

CPS Diploma Admission Gujarat 2022

Click here to see the seat matrix for session 2022-23.

CPS Diploma Gujarat Fees 2022

CPS Diploma Gujarat 2022 Counselling

CPC Diploma Gujarat 2021 counselling schedule Round 1

FAQ’S-NEET PG CPS Counselling , Admission 2022

What is official website of NEET PG CPS admission 2022 ?

Ans: Click here to visit official website of NEET PG CPS admission 2022 .

When will NEET PG CPS admission 2022 will starts ?

Ans: NEET PG CPS admission 2022 will starts from February 16,2022. Click here to see the complete counselling schedule.

How can I check CPS seat matrix 2022 ?

Ans: Click here to see CPS seat matrix 2022 from official website.

How to check CPS Round 1 selection list 2022 ?

Ans: Click here to see CPS Round 1 selection list 2022 .

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