Madhya Pradesh NEET Domicile Rule 2021

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Madhya Pradesh NEET Domicile Rule 2021

Today we will discuss about Madhya Pradesh NEET Domicile Rule 2021 .As some of our You Tube channel viewer have inquired about “Domicile Criteria for Madhya Pradesh for admission in MBBS,MD,MS and other courses” so we giving you the details.

Today we will discuss about “Eligibility criteria for Madhya Pradesh Domicile for admission in MBBS,MD,MS and other courses”.

As all of you know that 85% seats of every state medical colleges are reserved for the students of that state.

In addition to this in some state there is subsidized fees for domicile holders in private colleges. Madhya Pradesh is also one of those state which offers low budget seats to its state students.

This states offers its to other state students if no student from state claim against those seats. So Domicile certificate plays an important role.

Although some of the conditions are same as of other state. Yet some deviations are also there.

Madhya Pradesh NEET Domicile Rule 2021

Eligibility criteria to obtain residence or domicile certificate in Madhya Pradesh are listed below.

  1. Permanent resident of the Madhya Pradesh state can only apply for residence certificate.
  2. Residents of last five years in Madhya Pradesh state are eligible to apply for Domicile Certificate
  3. If a woman does not originally belonging to a Madhya Pradesh, but married to man who is a permanent resident of the Madhya Pradesh, then she will be eligible to apply for residence certificate.

Madhya Pradesh domicile criteria 2021

Madhya Pradesh is also very good option for medical aspirants who are looking for admission in Medical .

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Hope this article ” Domicile Criteria ” will be helpful for you.

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