General Medicine Vs General Surgery

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General Medicine Vs General Surgery

Today we will discuss about “General Medicine Vs General Surgery”.Why does NEET (medical) PG topper opt for general medicine rather than general surgery after MBBS?

General Medicine Vs General Surgery

Most of top rankers choose variable among various branches which includes- radiology, medicine, Pediatrics, surgery,orthopedic,OBG, surgery.More often than not individuals picked drug the reason are extremely straightforward – it’s an impression of individual attributes of the specialist.

The individuals who will top the test are generally who have long for perusing to an ever increasing extent. This is fulfilled by branch, for example, medication.

General Surgery Admission
General Surgery Admission

Numerous multiple times topper don’t have a clue about the definite motivation behind why they picked a specific branch and pick simply dependent on earlier year designs. That is certifiably not a decent methodology.

Lately numerous topper are currently going for MS medical procedure, as they have MCH in their psyche.

So, rather than thinking what others are opting, you must concentrate on what  is your aim in life ,why you have chosen medical as profession.

General Medicine Admission
General Medicine Admission

For those who are interested in surgery and  always wanted to become  a surgeon and there is no other branch they could imagine for them.

Even when they got a  good rank and having options to choose any branch according to their interest they went straightforward for surgery.

No doubt most of the toppers found radiology a logical branch but according to a general opinion you are really no longer a doctor after you do radiology you are just better than a technician.

You have no contact with the patient and just deals  with CT or MRI machine. While this is a huge drawback for some, others who choose this branch finds this interesting as they no longer wants to deal with patient, the money is substantial, career settlement is good. Medicine as a branch has been evergreen as have been orthopedic, OBG and Surgery.

Medicine gives you all what a common lay man understand about a doctor.

A well read person. Constant touch with patient. Easy to settle in public or private sector (you just need an OPD and start your practice, compare it with surgery which needs a OT and a good setup).

Also doing medicine opens up gates to many lucrative super specialization branches such as cardiology, medical oncology, neurology etc.

So, basically one must chose their branch which they have passion for.

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Medicine satisfies those criteria for many. For others it is radiology surgery or OBG.

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