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Kazan Federal University Russia

Today we will discuss about “Kazan Federal University Russia”.

Kazan Federal University Russia

Question : How old is Kazan Federal University Russia ?

Ans: Kazan Federal University Russia is one of the oldest University of Russia ,it was started in 1804 and completed 216 years in the year 2020.

Question : Why we must choose Kazan Federal University Russia ?

Ans: As KFU is included in the list of Federal Institutes of Russia and getting huge amount of funds for research and Infrastructure.

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The best part for doing MBBS from Russian Medical Colleges is that the students get a chance to get indulged in medical work as a part of their summer practice which is not allowed for Indian students in China.(Please verify the same)

Question : What is admission procedure in Kazan Federal University Russian  for Indian students?

Ans: The Kazan Federal University admission process gives admission on the first come first serve basis after clearing a simple entrance exam.

Kazan Federal University Russia: Key Points

Year of Establishment 1804
No. of students / International students 44000 / 9000
Department in KFU 31 Faculties
Admission starts from which month June
% marks required 10+2 50%
NEET UG Qualified Compulsory Yes
Language Test Required in KFU Not Required
European Credit Transfer and Accumulation                                        System (ECTS) in KFU Yes
Admission Processing Time 1 Month
Hostel charges in KFU 100 – 150 USD per annum
Fees of MBBS( 5 years) in KFU around 5.20 Lakhs per annum
Medium of Teaching in KFU English
Recognition of KFU MCI and WHO Approved

About  Russia and Kazan

Kazan is one  of the famous city of Russia, is situated on the bank of the River Volga and is surrounded by many beautiful cities such as Ulyanovsk, Nizhny Novgorod and Samara. With a rich culture, this city is designed very beautifully and highly developed . In few year , this city have seen lots of improvement in term of technology.People of this and all over Russia are very friendly and  open to new ideas and changes which would help in their development.

The city of Kazan is a peaceful place where majority of the population is Christian and Muslims. As this city is located between Europe and Asia and has a mixture of Russian and Tatars population. Students from all over the world come here to do their course of their interest and this make this place very diversify .


All the degrees courses offered by  Kazan Federal University, including medicine is duly recognized by medical counsel of Russia. The degree courses is also accredited from the World Health Organization (WHO), the US Department of Education, the General Medical Council of Britain, the Medical Council of India-Board of Governors (MCI-BOG) and FAIMER.

Ranking of the university

As we have told you that KFU is placed in top Universities of Russia.There are lots are actors that are considered at the during ranking of an University and college.But ,at the time of selection of any University various parameters should be taken in to consideration not only its ranking.

These factors are :

  • Duration of the course,
  • medium of Instruction
  • MCI passing rate
  • Academics
  • Infrastructure and facility
  • Distance from main city
  • Weather condition
  • Total budget
  • Living cost

The Kazan Federal University ranks 13th in the country and 457th in the whole world. The Kazan Federal University fee structure is very nominal . This is the reason why students seek direct admissions in the Kazan Federal University.

Duration of MBBS in Kazan Federal University

Ans: Although most of the universities in Russia are bi-lingual and course duration is six years but Kazan Federal University offers the medical course (MBBS in Russia) in the duration of 5 years and medium of Instruction is English.

Question : What is Admission Procedure at Kazan Federal University ?

Ans:Although the admission process in the Kazan Federal University starts in June. But in other Medical universities of  Russia students may take admission in the month of July,August and September. Students who are eligible for direct admission in the Kazan Federal University can see the full details from official website.

As Kazan Medical University fee is very comparatively low in comparison of other Universities and applicants get admission in  first come, first serve basis.

Question : What is the documents required in Kazan Federal University Russian  for Indian students?

Documents Required

To apply for the Admission Letter & Visa Invitation Letter

 1. A valid Passport with Minimum validity of two 2 years

2. class 10th and 12th mark sheet ,12th Passing Certificate(make sure that applicant must have 50% in PCB)

For Visa Stamping, Notarization and Translation in Russian Language and Apostille: (Original Documents)

1. Original Passport

2. 10th and 12th Mark sheet

3. Eight passport size photos as per norms of Russian Embassy

4. Printed  HIV test report

5. Gap year  certificate (if applicable)

Question : What is the fee structure of Kazan Federal University Russian ?

MBBS fees in Kazan Federal University

If we talked about of fee structure of  Kazan Federal University it is very nominal and if we talked about facility at KFU it is equipped with latest equipment.The facilities that Kazan Federal University provided is extraordinary. The MBBS fee in the Kazan Federal University along with its great infrastructure which attracts Foreign students.
For getting direct admission in the Kazan Federal University, see the fee details which is mentioned below:
1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year 6th Year
Tuition Fee 5800 5800 5795 5800 5800 5795
Hostel Fee 200 200 200 200 200 200
Medical Insurance 100 100 100 100 100 100
Visa Extension + Medical        Check-up 100 100 100 100 100 100
Total Fees in US Dollars 7200 6200 6200 6200 6200 6200
Total Fees  in 6 Years in USD 38200 in INR 2597600

Question: What is the admission process of KFU ?

Admission Procedure

Apply Online

 Registration and Payment

 Receive Admission Confirmation Letter

The Student will Receive Admission Confirmation Letter within a week  after successful registration.

 Provide us all the necessary Original Documents

After receiving the admission letter, the student is supposed to submit all the original documents, required for further processing within 4-5 days.

 Apply for VISA Invitation

After receiving  all the documents and the requisite payments are made, VISA Invitation Letter is applied  on behalf of the student.

Get VISA and Original Documents

After receiving the VISA Invitation Letter, next step will be  VISA Stamping  on the Original Passport of the Applicant .Any other person can also do this process on behalf of student. Most of the times applicants  need not to  visit to Russian Embassy for  VISA.

Book your Flight,Start Bag Packing  Bags and be ready to Fly

After finishing all above activity,applicant can book his/her flight as per schedule and start packing his bags and must be ready to explore the new world and start career in Medicine.

Faculty of General Medicine

As Kazan Federal University is very large university and runs hundreds of program .These programs include undergraduate,post graduate ,diploma and research fellowship. You will be happy to know that Faculty of General Medicine is one of the oldest and most respected faculties KFU . It is preferred destination for thousand of Foreign students, and probably this is also one of the reason that KFU is one of the top choices in Russian for Indian students.

Benefits of  doing MBBS from Russia

1. Quality Education : as you know Russia is very advance in Research and development .Russia has secured its position in top Institutions across the world. The Russian Medical Universities are also very old and famous .Most of the medical colleges and Universities are at least having experience of 5 to 6 decades.
If we compare it with India ,most of the colleges are new .You will be surprised that right now we are having 80055 seats including of All govt./Semi govt./Private /ESI/AIIMS and Deemed Universities.And this figure was just 40000 before three to four year.Click here to verify from official website.
So you can see that large number of colleges are new and will take few years to fully develop.
2. Good Infrastructure As most of the Medical Universities old enough that is why they are having huge  infrastructure, big hospitals . You can compare it with best medical colleges and hospitals of the world.

3. Low Budget Medical colleges Keeping in view the facility provides by these medical colleges and huge infrastructure ,teacher student ratio,fee is very nominal and affordable.

Good thing is that most of Russian Medical Universities are Government Universities or under direct control of Govt.In Govt. also if we compare federal and state ,there is major difference .In general all the federal universities are far better than state medical universities.

So this is also one of the factor you must keep in mind while choosing the University.Now question arises, if the universities are too good and old ,then  why fee is so low ?Answer of the question is there is subsidy on education  in most of the Govt. colleges of Russia.

4. Strictness in Classroom : Before choosing good reputed university like KFU , you must keep in mind ,that they are very strict and you are supposed to attend each and every class. Most often in the next day class ,students have to answer the question of previous class.

5. Medium of Instruction is English: Although most of the medical universities in Russia are bi-lingual .In these universities first three years study is in English and remaining three years in Russian Language. But still there are few universities like KFU where whore duration of course is taught in English only.

In addition to this there is a facility of learning Russian Language .All those students who are willing for the same can do it.And the good thing is that , if you learn it will be better for you to communicate with the patient at the time of hospital visit .

6. Well-Equipped University :If we talked about about the infrastructure and  latest equipment ,the  Kazan Federal Medical University has large hospitals and lots of clinics linked to it along with various departments nearby it. All the departments are fully equipped with all the latest instruments and facilities.

7. People are very helpful As thousand of  International Students doing their course in the Kazan Federal University from various part of the globe , the environment is very healthy .Even when you visit outside the city and local market you will feel that people are very helpful and try to listen and solve your problem.

But you may face problem of Language , as most of the common understand and speak Russian only, so it will be helpful if you learn Russian Language.

8. Good Relationship : We are happy to tell you that relations of both the countries (Russia and India ) are very good and healthy.Our country does lots of business with Russia specially in the field of Defense equipment.If we talked about year 2020, a group of about 75 members took part in Vijay Diwas of Russia.

9. Good MCI passing rate : If we talked about MCI/FMGE passing rate of Univeristies, students from some colleges /Universities have done a wonderful job.If you want to know complete FMGE details Click here.

10. Good Exposure : As you know Studying in a good and old University  gives a lot of opportunities to any individuals.And it become more valuable if you complete your course from foreign University.This helps you to meet new person from different country,know about the culture and diseases of their country and to discuss about the latest techniques in various countries.

Question :Why student must take hostel in 1st year ?

Ans: all first year /newcomers are advised to take hostel provided by the college at least in 1st year .The reason is very simple that you are very new to this country and most of the people speak and communicate in Russian only .So it may be a little bit difficult for you to survive.

Facilities available in Hostel

If we talked about KFU  hostel Facility to all Foreign students. The hostels are equipped are having very good  Infrastructure and provides  all the necessary items such as a bed, table, chair, shelve, wardrobe and major equipment of Kitchen Etc. Students are supposed to arrange the utensils by their own

Question : Is Indian food is easily available in hostel of KFU ?

Ans: We want to make it clear that food is cooked by the students itself.Although tiffin service is available but still you are advised to cook your food by your own.

Question : Hostel is in the same campus or it is in nearby location  ?

Ans: As far as hostel is concerned it is not exactly in the campus but you can reach hostel in just 15 minutes by taking public transport which is easily available.

Question : Is Russia is safe for Indian students and specially for girls students  ?

Ans: As we have told you earlier that Russia is very safe and people are very helpful .Campus of the medical Universities in Russia are facilitated with 24*7 security with all kinds of modern surveillance systems ensuring the safety and well being of all Students.

Question: What items are supposed to carry to Russia ?

Here is the list of items which Students are supposed to carry while going to Russia for doing medicine course:
  • Indian spices (as most of us like spicy food ,so you must carry it in good quantity)
  • All the necessary documents required for admission
  • as you know it is a cold place so carry few pairs of Warm clothes
  • Books Suggested by seniors
  • Basic Medicine kit for emergency
  • Laptop or tablet and universal adapter

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Note: MD program of Russia is equivalent to MBBS of India,this is the reason we are using word MBBS instead of MD.

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