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Medical college transfer rules

Today we have decided to discuss very important topic “Medical college transfer rules”.

Now question arises ,

Is it possible to change your medical college?

Yes, as per the law an medical aspirant can change his/her  medical college but definitely there are some rules on the basis of what you are allowed for the same.
Medical council of India(MCI) now National Medical Commission have defined certain migration application and it’s rules.Click here to visit official website of NMC.

According to this rule- Migration of medical aspirants  from one medical college to another medical college may be granted only on any genuine ground .

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And this is possible if there is any  seat available  in the desired medical college where migration is sought and fulfilling the other requirements laid down in the Regulations.

Migration would be restricted to 5% of the sanctioned intake of the college during the year. But migration will not be permitted in any circumstances from one medical college to another located within the same city”.

Question: Is it possible to change my college just after competition of last date of admission in the same session.

(e.g If a student get admission in stray vacancy round of counselling in any of the college in 2019 and last date of admission is 31st August 2020,can he/she change his/her college just after 04 month,  in January 2020 ?

Answer: We wants to inform this migration process facility can be availed  only after clearing  the first year exam of your MBBS course.

And it is not possible before that and not even after completion of second year.

Question: What are reason that are allowed for migration purpose ?

We want to make it clear that the reasons allowed for migration purpose are very limited.
Some of major reasons as as follows:
(1) first and the most common is Health issue of the candidate
(2) second reason is Death of a parent of the student
(3) and third may be if candidate is Physical Handicap

Question:  For migration purpose ,marks in 1st year exam also matters ?

Answer : although marks secured in 1st year  does not matter but if the student who is looking for migration fails in any of his/her 1st year subjects then he/she is not eligible for migration.

Question: Is it compulsory to get a NOC(No objection certificate) from the respective college?

Ans: Yes, it is compulsory to get no objection certificate from parent University .You will not be able to get admission in another college until and unless former college does not gives permission (NOC).

Question: Is it applicable in all medical colleges /states ?

Ans: We would like to suggest that you must check with your respective state. Because it is possible  in Maharashtra but it may not be possible to change your college in some other states.

Question: Is it possible to get migration in Govt. medical college from private college ?

Ans: There are certain rules for the same . We are giving details in a table :

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  • Is it possible to migrate from one medical college in one state to other in other state even if the candidate got seat from state quota?

  • It is possible transfer admission after complete the 2 nd year?
    What was the procedure of the transfer admission from current gov college to another gov college?

    • First of all make sure that there is any vacant seat in the college you wanted to take transfer.