MOP UP Stray vacancy round MBBS Admission

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MOP UP Stray vacancy round MBBS Admission

Today we will discuss about ” MOP UP Stray vacancy round MBBS Admission “. Read this article till end to know the complete details.

MOP UP Stray vacancy round MBBS Admission

To understand this you must understand the procedure for admission in MBBS BDS  in India.

There are two  counselling:

1.National Level

2.State Level

The national level counselling  is for 15 % quota of all Govt. colleges of India/Central Universities /Deemed Universities.

NEET UG (15 % All India Quota)/Deemed/Central {University of Delhi (MAMC, UCMS, LHMC), AMU, BHU} Universities/ ESIC/ AFMS Medical/Dental Seats Online Counseling.

Where as state level counselling is conducted by respective states for 85% quota of Govt. colleges of  that state and for 100 % seats of all private colleges.

Types of counselling:

1st Counselling

2nd counselling

Mop Up round Counselling

Stray vacancy round /College level counselling

Process of online allotment:
a. Main Counseling Registration including payment
b. Exercising of Choices and Locking of choices
c. Process of Seat Allotment – 1st Round
d. Round 1 Result Publication
e. Reporting at the allotted Medical/Dental College against 1st Round (free entry/exit option available).
f. Publication of net vacant seats
g. Registration , Fresh Choice submission by eligible candidates for 2nd Round (not required by
already registered candidates).
h. Process of Seat Allotment – 2nd Round (exit with forfeiture of security amount option
i. Round 2 Result Publication
j. Reporting at the Medical / Dental Colleges /Institutions against 2nd Round

(candidates once joined the allotted seat against 2nd Round are not allowed to vacate the seat).
END of 15 % All India Counselling and reverting of Non Joined, Not allotted seats to State
quota / Institutional Quota of Central University /Central Institute.

Mop Up Round for Deemed/ Central Universities/Central Institute.

a. Fresh Registration for Mop up Round (not required for earlier resigned candidates)
b. Choice Filling/ Choice Locking
c. Process of Seat Allotment for Mop Up Round.
d. Result Publication for Mop Up Round
e. Reporting at the Allotted Medical/ Dental College after Mop Up Round
f. List of ten times (of the registered candidates) of number of Stray vacancies to be sent to
Deemed / Central Universities to be exhausted strictly in order of merit.
g. Final Stray Vacancy Round to be conducted by Deemed/ Central Universities

Note:(There will be no Fresh Registration of Candidates in Final Stray Vacancy Round)

Procedure for Mop Up Round Counseling which will be conducted by DGHS for Deemed , Central Universities?
Ans. The net vacant seats due to non joining, non reporting of Round 2 will be published in the seat
matrix and eligible candidates have to submit fresh choices and the result will be processed as per
Choice , Merit.

Who will be eligible for DGHS Mop Up Round for Deemed , Central Universities?
Ans. The Following categories of candidates are eligible for Mop Up Round
a) Candidates who are registering for the first time.
b) Candidates who have registered but not been allotted a seat in Round I ,Round II.
c) All candidates except those who are holding a seat of Round I or Round II.


Who are Eligible for Stray Vacancy Round of Deemed/ Central Universities?
Ans. All Registered Candidates except the following three categories are eligible for Stray Vacancy
Round of Deemed/ Central Universities:-
a) Candidates who joined the allotted seat in Round II of AIQ/ Deemed/ Central Universities.
b) Candidates allotted a seat in Mop Up Round of DGHS
c) Candidates joined a seat in Mop Up Round of DGHS.

 Who are not eligible for Stray Vacancy Round of Deemed Universities?
Ans. Following Candidates are not eligible:-
a) Candidates who joined theallotted seat in Round II of AIQ/ Deemed/ Central Universities.
b) Candidates allotted a seat in Mop Up Round of DGHS.
c) Candidates joined the allotted seat in Mop Up Round of DGHS.
d) Candidates who have not registered in any of Previous 3 Rounds.

 Will there be any Fresh Registration for Stray Vacancy Round?
Ans. No, there will be no Fresh Registration. The 10 times vacant seats list of registered candidates
will be provided by DGHS to colleges for Stray Vacancy Round as per the direction of Hon’ble
Supreme Court directions and as per regulations of MCI.


Does NRI quota/management quota  seats still exist after NEET UG ?

“Yes. It does exist in various state Govt/Semi Govt /private medical colleges and deemed medical colleges. But every state hav rules for admissions under those seats.”

How can one avail NRI quota/management quota seat ?

Those NRI seats which remain vacant during the entire counseling process are then get converted into various management quota seat which can be availed during the stray vacancy round or institutional mop up .One can approach those vacant seats with their eligibility documents and other requirements.

“What is the fee structure of NRI quota/management quota seat ?”

“It purely depends from college to college as per their reputation or demand for that particular college and the fees sanctioned by the designated authorities which varies from anywhere between”.

What is the eligibility criteria for the student, who wants to take admission under NRI /management quota?” “He/she should be NEET qualified and have all necessary documents to secure a seat.”

“How “getMBBSadmission ”team can help students in getting admission under NRI quota/management quota seats ?”

“Getting admission into a medical college could be very challenging for students if they are new to the admission procedure or if they are not aware of the entire procedure to secure a MBBS seat since the NEET exam in India.

Securing admission in a medical college is getting complicated every year with the increase in competition and change in policies.

Our team has a vast experience in the field of counseling and worked with students and parents directly by eliminating any agent or middleman in the process.

Our well experienced and organized method of counseling has helped more than 500+ students across India getting admissions in their dream medical colleges across India.

Open states for MBBS Admission in India. As we know that only some of states of India allows to take

admission in their state.Some of them are in very high demand.

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