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NExT Exam in India for MBBS

Today we will discuss about “NExT Exam in India for MBBS”.

National Exit Examination (NExT)

NExT is currently a proposed amendment to be brought in the form of a test.This will be conducted  in the last year MBBS level for all the MBBS enrolled students in India or Abroad  . It is currently proposed under the National Commission Medical Bill (NMC). NExT for MBBS is believed to be designed in order to assess the basic skills and knowledge of a medical student.

Amidst all the confusion prevailing about the NExT exam here is some initial information from sources.

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There was a meeting with The BoG at ICMR. The meeting was just for proposals. No final conclusion has been made.

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As per preliminary information received from sources, NExT  will be 2 step exams

NExT 1: 6 to 8 weeks after final proof exams. It will comprise of exams as shown in the slide

  • Medical & Allied – 120 items (3 hrs)
    + Paediatric -60 items (1.5 hr post-lunch)
  • Surgery & Allied – 120 items (3 hrs)
    + ENT – 60 items (1.5 hr post-lunch)
  • Obst. & Gynae – 120 items (3 hrs)
    + Ophthalmology – 60 items (1.5 hr post-lunch)


  • 60% Problem Solving
  • 30% Comprehension/Analysis
  • 10% Recall
  • Preventive & Public Health-10%
  • (10% of the total in each stream will be asked from applied basic sciences)
  • Qualifying this exam is necessary if you want to enter an internship and get an MBBS degree. (cutoff will be decided by NMC)
  • The exam will be Online, it will decide your rank for getting admission in PG course
  • NEXT -1 will be conducted over 3 days. (details are still confidential & can’t be disclosed as of now before ratification)
  • Scores will be in Percentile.

NEXT _2: will be held After Internship (after 1 month)

It will be only an exam to test the practical skills of the Doctor.
It will be based on skills learned by MBBS graduate during his/her internship
extra attempts will be provided on failing in 1st attempt

Both Exams will get implemented for the Batch of 2017.

A batch of 2016 should be prepared to give a Qualifying exam at the end of the Internship to be allowed to practice.

There was a proposal of quashing the Final 2 Year Profs, converting them to IA by College and instead there can be conducted a NExT 1 exam (in March) after course completion (in Jan).
In other words, the suggestion was to :

Eliminate the theory exam of 3rd proof part 1 and part 2 and only test their practical exam.
Then at the end of MBBS 3rd proof part 2, NExT  -1 will be held comprising of all subjects with the involvement of only applied knowledge from pre & paramedical subjects
In this manner, NExT -1 is claimed to reduce exam burden of students & also act as both licentiate as well as PG entrance exam
Now that plans for quashing an Essay based Final 3rd & 4th Profs are being discussed, the necessity of a Supplementary Exam was strongly put forward and it will be considered, so we can hope for a Supplementary Exam

  • With the change in the GMER schedule, the Prof III part II exams are proposed to be held in January, in all medical colleges.
  • Supplementary exams are proposed to be held in February.
  • NExT 1 also known as Prof-IV part I is proposed to be held in March.
  • The internship is proposed to start from April
  • The internship is proposed to complete in March
  • NExT 2 also known as Prof-IV part II is proposed to be held in April
  • PG course is expected to start in JULY

Source: softamoorg

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