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SMS Medical College Jaipur

In this article we would like to tell you about “SMS medical college”.You will be surprised to know that SMS medical college Jaipur is favorite destination for North Indian Students.

If we talk about its reputation, Rajasthan students prefer this medical college in comparison to top  medical colleges of Delhi where Top Rankers take admission.

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History of College

If we talk about S M S medical college Jaipur,One hospital and one dispensary were started in year 1845.

Subsequently, such facilities were recommended for other parts of the state as well.

However, due to lack of trained doctors the initiative with limited success.

In 1855, a maternity hospital and one dispensary and a medical school were opened in Jaipur, inaugurated on 7th September, 1861 and in the first batch 24 students were admitted.


Dr. King ford Burr was appointed as director of this college and he used to teach material medical, practical therapeutics, surgery and practice of medicine.

Later, Dr. Najeeb Khan and Dr. Hussain Baksh were appointed as demonstrator in anatomy.

Assistant surgeon Parvati Charan Gosh was appointed as lecturer to teach principles and practice of medicine, Physiology and materia medica.

Three year later (1861-64) over differences certain unfortunate developments led to closure of the medical school which was still in its infancy.

In 1945, late Sir Mirza Ismail, prime minister of Jaipur state, during his visit to Sikar, was invited for tea by Late Rao Raja Kalian Singh of Sikar at his guest house.

Chief medical officer

Incidentally, the chief medical officer, Dr. S. C. Mehta was also one of the invitees.

During discussions, Dr. Mehta pointed out that doctors coming from other states leave the services as soon as they get suitable jobs in their parent states and hence there was always a shortage of doctors.

The solution which he recommended was establishing a medical college in our own state.

Sir Mirza then started working on this project.

On March 13th, 1946 Lord Wavell laid the foundation-stone of SMS college in a very impressive function presided over by H.H.Sawai Man Singh, the Maharaja of Jaipur.

New era in medical education in Rajasthan

The year 1947 marked the beginning of a new era in medical education in Rajasthan with the inception of the 15th centre for medical education in India.

The prestigious Sawai Man Singh Medical College , Initially, the college started work in the south wing of SMS Hospital and in the building of the Jaipur Medical Association.

Dr. G.N.Sen was its first principal.

He had a short tenure and was succeeded by Dr. S.C.Mehta, famous for his great zeal, drive and sense of discipline.

His acumen in choosing his staff reflected in selection of  Dr. H.C.Choudhary, first professor of Physiology. Dr.B.M.Lal, first professor of anatomy, both of whom were loved and admired by their students.

Professor Ram Bihari Arora and professor R.K.Goel were the fortunate ones to head the department of pharmacology and pathology respectively.

In 1951, Dr. S.K.Menon took over as principal of the college .

In 1952, the college was recognized by the Medical Council of India and the foundation of a new OPD block was laid in the succeeding year.

1952 also marked the beginning of P.G Courses and the first batch of M.D. and M.S. students qualified in 1955.

SMS Hospital, Jaipur

Sawai Man Singh Hospital is the major hospital of Jaipur and Rajasthan state of India.

This government hospital is staffed with 255 doctors and 660 nurses with 6000 beds in 43 wards.

The construction of the hospital building began in 1934.

The hospital is named after Sawai Man Singh II, then King of Jaipur.

The hospital also provides practical training to the students of the Sawai Man Singh Medical College.

SMS hospital is under pressure due to a large number of patients from across the state as it is one of the few government super specialty hospitals.


The S.M.S. Medical College Library was established in the year 1947.

The S.M.S. Medical College Library was dedicated in the name of Dr. Robert Heilig Library on 14th September 1976 and came to be known as Dr. Robert Heilig Library.

Earlier the Library was housed in the main college building occupying a wing.

The new Library building was shifted , inaugurated on 4th July 2001, and it was completely shifted in the building on 15th August 2001, brief information about Library is as follows :-

1. SMS Medical College Library Established: 1947

2. Library Dedicated to Dr. Robert Heilig: 14th Sep 1976

3. New Library Building

Inaugurated: 4th July 2001
Completely Shifted: 15th August 2001

4. Plinth Area: 3860 Sqm + 254.71 Sqm = 4134.71Sqm
Ground Floor: 930 Sqm
First Floor: 1177 Sqm
Second Floor: 1177 Sqm
Third Floor: 576 Sqm
New Constructed Area: 254.71 Sqm

5. Accommodation: 500 readers at a time

6. Regular Government
Grant: 70 Lac

7. Journals
Bound Journal: 34,860
Current: International Journals: 67
National Journals: 39
Unique Feature of the Library is Collection of back volume of Medical Journals, some important Journal like.

JAMA: 1883

LANCET: 1890
BMJ: 1921 are available from the 1st issue

8. Thesis: 3000

9. Library Consultation: Average 125 readers visit per day

10. Reprographic Service: Library have 3 photostat machine
(i) Modi Xerox 1025 ST
(ii) Xerox Modi (digital) work centre 5016
(iii) Xerox digital work center 415

11. Vachanalaya: Having Capacity of 150+20 Students full Air-Conditioned, Students may have their personal books and reading. Large number of Students are availing this facility.

12. Seminar Room: This Library has well equipped Seminar Room having capacity of 130 Persons with electronic , electric equipments. The facility is being used for various academic activities.

In the year 2011 academic activities held: 209



1. Anatomy 5246
2. Biochemistry 2776
3. Dermatology 871
4. Diagnosis , Treatment 707
5. Forensic Medicine 843
6. History 865
7. Medicine 11457
8. MSC 4230
9. Neurology 3257
10. Obstetrics , Gynecology 2569
11. Ophthalmology 1874
12. ENT 836
13. Pathology 4779
14. Pediatrics 2072
15. Pharmacology 3010
16. Physiology 2760
17. Radiology 1776
18. Surgery 9230
19. Tuberculosis 240
20. Veterinary Medicine 52
21. Preventive Social Medicine 4664


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