Supreme court decision/order on MBBS admission

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Supreme court decision/order on MBBS admission

In this article we will tell you some most important supreme court order on MBBS admission.During decision of a MBBS aspirants Honorable supreme court of India have issued some important  instructions.Highlights are as follows:

1. Quick Decision

If any aspirants comes to court timely  then decision must also be done on priority bases to save his/her precious year.

2. Add additional seat 

In extreme case court may issue instructions to add seat/seats if the applicant is legally right . But it should not be more than one or two.In addition to this  court said that keep in view that it should be done within one month of last date of admission.And this is  for rare of rarest cases.

In addition to this ,admission of last admitted candidate can be cancelled out and this seat can be offered to victim.But before cancelling such admission student must inform and ask his view.

3. Admission in next session 

If applicant is legally right and if court think there is no possibility of admission in current session then it may be forwarded to next session.In addition to this if court find out that management of college or university have done some unfair , in that case management seats of that college can be reduced.

4. Compensation

Honorable supreme court instructed that  just because of mistake of college authority  lost his/her precious year then court may ask to give compensation to student.But this is not enough.
Note: Honorable supreme court clearly mention that these rules/instructions are only for NEET UG-MBBS students and not for NEET PG.

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