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Today we will discuss about most important topic during MBBS admission counseling “NEET UG 2021 FAQs”.

In this article we have tried to cover almost all the queries related to MBBS admission .This will be a great help for all medical aspirants looking for admission in 2021 .


Some students are asking whether NEET UG 2021 will be conducted twice a year ? 

Answer of this question is Yes, in 2021 NEET UG 2021 will be conducted twice a year .

1) You are advised to read the instruction very carefully before taking part in counselling whether it is all India counselling or state counselling.

2) Do your planning from the very first round of counselling. Most of the parents don’t take 1st Round very seriously and that becomes very harmful.

3) If you wanted to increase your chances of admission , try to grab it in 1st round of counselling only.

4) Some students and parents do not join first Round 1 considering that they  will  get a better college in second Round  of  counselling 2. If we have a look in last few years of counselling trends 50% of seats does not move in Round 2 , and students would lose all such options in Round 2 of their score.

Points to keep in mind while going registration

1) always try to do registration  using a Laptop or desktop which is having  good internet connectivity. If you don’t have a good internet connection then you can use cyber café , but it is always advisable not to disclose details of your cards and pin to anyone.

2) even you can do Registering using a mobile or tablet but make sure it is having good internet speed to avoid failing of payment.

3) most of the parents may experience difficulty in doing registration during day time so it is always better better to do it late night or Early Morning .It will help you to save time and transaction willl be done in one go.

4) I have already told you that admission of  AFMC is little bit different so choose it only if  you are interested.

Registration Fee

As we have informed you earlier also that counselling will be at two levels:

  • All India Quota
  • State Level

All India quota counselling covers 15 % seats of  all Govt. medical colleges , 100% seats of all deemed medical colleges and central universities.

while state quota covers remaining seats. To read in details click below mentioned link.

Click here to know the complete counselling Procedure for MBBS Admission.

Now we comes to Registration fee

1) This is very important to note that once you have registered only for AIQ, you can’t change to deemed or AFMS later in Round 2 . So be clear about from first round of counselling .what you want to register for in Round one.Click here to do the registration.

2) If you choose only Deemed medical colleges , you have to pay 2.05 lakhs . If you choose Deemed + AIQ, you still pay the same 2.05 lakhs. So it is suggested to choose both even if you are very much sure that you will not get a seat in Govt. In 2019, all medical aspirants who choose only Deemed were shown AIQ options too. So this makes no difference.

Make sure that your debit card is having limit more than , if it is not then ask your bank for the same to avoid last moment problem.

Though some parents do payment from credit card , but we wanted to make it clear that try to avoid it , either use Net banking or debit card.

i)  mobile number should be valid and email ID that will be with you during counselling. Any password change and other submission/change OTPs would be sent to your mobile number and mail id.

While registering, if there are errors in validation some of the common reasons are.

a) Avoid copy and paste anything from the admit card or application document. It is better to write your own . Make sure you are giving spaces while doing registration.

b) Check for spaces in your names, dots after initials, whether initials are first or last as in admit card, this is very important.

c) Check for Spelling mistakes, caps lock, capital letters when typing (especially when you are using a mobile)

d) If there is some mistake in your name in the admit card (wrong when given during registration in NEET  UG exam), you are supposed to enter the wrong spelling during registration for verification. No need to worry about the mistake now. Just register for now. Minor issue that can be managed later at the time of admission.

e) Do not use commas, slash, hyphen, special characters at the time of entering  address details .

f) You are advised to Select date of birth from the date picker (choosing year and month and date) as against typing it out.

g) Some times problem may be just because of your internet or device is the most common method that somehow seems to solve many problems.

h) password  should be such that  you can remember it easily and note it down in your diary .Please don’t share your password .

Here is the NEET UG counselling schedule for 2020

MCC All India Quota NEET UG counselling Schedule 2020

NEET UG 2020 FAQs -Payment related during All India Registration for MBBS & BDS

a) Refund will be made to the same bank account or credit card from which you are doing payment. Refund will be credit back to your account after completion of counselling .It will be done automatically.

b) Try Pay through net banking or debit card preferably. Net banking should not have a transaction limit.

c) If you are paying through a credit card, note that the amount will be back only as a credit and you may have to spend it, or withdraw it by paying processing fees.

d) More relevant for those who are paying Deemed fees. Using a relative’s or friend’s card would mean you have to depend on them for a refund and some times you have to face problem.

e) Do Payment  only when you have good internet connectivity. Still if your payment failed, but the amount is deducted from the bank, and registration is not complete, no need to worry. Student may have to pay again. But the earlier failed transaction amount will be refunded, and refund can be initiated in the last week of March through the financial custodian/helpline. This is a known issue and happens for many, and MCC has a proper process for getting such refund.

All India Registration for MBBS & BDS – Other Common FAQs.

a) I want to register for AIQ in Round 1 and then change to Deemed in Round 2, is it possible  I do that?

Ans: If any medical aspirants want to choose AIQ in round 1 and then wish to choose Deemed in Round 2, there is no option available through proper notification or rules. However, a registration reset option was available last year in 2019 during round 2 counselling . The student could reset the Round 1 AIQ registration, and apply again as Deemed in round 2 and pay 2.05 lakhs  for Deemed medical colleges. The registration  amount paid would be refunded after completion of whole counselling process.

NEET UG counselling security fee refund 2020

After completion of NEET UG counselling , which is likely to be completed on 15.01.2020 ,security fee refund process will be started. It will be refunded in the same account from which it has been paid. And good thing is that ,there is no need to do any process it will be transferred automatically.

Some other major TIPS during counselling

a) You are advised to do registration only after reading all the instructions carefully and take your time, admission is not on the basis of “first come first serve basis” .

In fact if someone registers without reading FAQs without taking time, there is a higher chance of mistakes being made. The students who waits and registers later, gets a chance to do it with utmost clarity, after looking at all issues faced by friends and others. Registration will be open for more than a five day from the schedule released.

b) Remember that those who remain updated throughout the process will make better decisions throughout.

c) Seat matrix will be released at least three to four days before choice filling. That is what we have observed in previous years .

Hope this article “NEET UG 2020 FAQs” will be helpful for you .

Good Luck !!!

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Click here to see the minimum marks required to get admission in MBBS in 2020.


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